This website is Designed, Programmed, and Maintained by me, Ravi Patel


Since my first web designing class in 2008, I had been contemplating a website on which my extended family could share photos, videos, and other good stuff. Whether it be laziness or a lack of motivation, I never got started on this ambition until January, 2010, when my grandma passed away. A couple months prior, I had spent several hours showing my grandparents all the family photos I had on my computer. I cannot describe to you how much joy they had in recalling some of their fondest memories when seeing those photos. If nothing else, I hope the photo gallery will become a home for family photos that at least I may enjoy in the future. In any case, the photo gallery is in dedication of my ba.

Most of the content on this website (e.g., family photos and videos) will be restricted to the general public. However, if you desire access to certain content, you may register for an account and await my activation email.

I also intend to use this website as a way of advertising myself, especially as a web developer. So, feel free to contact me if you have a project proposal for me, or have something else on your mind.